About Crystal

Crystal Huff (pronouns: they/them) is the Executive Director of Include Better and former Executive Director of The Ada Initiative. They have a decade-long history of professional and volunteer work in tech and geek spaces, with particular commitment to anti-harassment and impostor syndrome work. Crystal has been an invited speaker at events in Sweden, Finland, China, Iceland, Israel, Canada, Spain, the UK, and across the USA.

The most popular training Crystal provides recently is their Impostor Syndrome Workshop, which has been run in the past year for groups as large as seventy participants and as few as one individual. The Impostor Syndrome training aims to combat the negative messages of the kyriarchy with trauma-informed, practical, scientifically-based exercises and discussion. Participants report a heightened ability to address their own feelings of fraudulence as well as increased capacity to help others struggling.

Crystal also provides trainings and consultation to address the impact of the kyriarchy in groups and organizations, particularly concerning sexism, racism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, and other such oppressive challenges of modern society. Over two thousand individuals have experienced Crystal’s trainings recently.

Crystal used to run science fiction conventions in their volunteer time, and co-chaired the 75th World Science Fiction Convention in Helsinki, Finland. They have previously chaired or co-chaired six other conventions, and worked on dozens more around the world. Recently, Crystal has been working with the Future Affairs Administration to bring more Chinese science fiction to the rest of the world, and more international science fiction to Chinese audiences. They have also edited political scifi/fantasy anthologies Recognize Fascism (2020) for World Weaver Press and co-edited Resist Fascism (2018) for Crossed Genres Publications.

Crystal speaks fluent English, rusty American Sign Language, un poco de español, and beginner Finnish cussing (PRKL!).

If you wish to support the work Crystal does with a donation, you can do so via the following services:



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