Consultation & Trainings

Crystal Huff, sometimes in concert with co-facilitators, provides trainings to address:

  • sexism
  • racism
  • homophobia
  • transphobia
  • ableism
  • impostor syndrome

These trainings can be tailored to fit your needs, upon consultation with members of your organization or community. These sessions are most successful with 20-40 participants from a variety of backgrounds.

Success is an Iceberg
Crystal explains Sylvia Duckworth’s illustration of “the Iceberg Illusion” of success.

Crystal is also available to consult with your organization on many topics, including:

  • inclusive recruitment and hiring practices
  • addressing racism
  • combatting sexism
  • homophobia
  • transphobia
  • ableism
  • intersectional feminism
  • inclusive event organizing
  • fandom and geek culture


In order to avoid unpaid emotional labor while still making resources available to as many people as possible, Crystal provides these services at reasonable rates. Exact terms of engagement depend on a variety of factors including travel required and available bandwidth at the time of your request.

If you wish to support the work Crystal does with a donation, you can do so via the following services: