The Lead Developer, VSV

(VSV = Very Short Version)

I spent last week in London (during the Brexit vote!), in order to participate in The Lead Developer and give a 30 minute talk on Impostor Syndrome. The talk slides (sorry, without notes) are available on SpeakerDeck here, and video will be available at a later date.

I just wrote this feedback to the conference organizers, and it’s worth reiterating an excerpt here:

“I am somewhat of a conference geek. I attend between two and five events per month, most of which are conferences. I have literally never participated in a better-run event. Your event staff met all of my requirements — clever, competent, and kind. You foresaw several potential difficulties and asked people how they’d like to address them. You created an atmosphere of learning and inclusion, which is rare and glorious. I am so incredibly impressed with The Lead Developer. One of many signs of a successful event is that afterward, people are talking about new things and have opened their eyes to greater potential. I saw much of that over the two days of your event, and heard many people discussing who they want to bring with them to the next event. I know I, myself, have written two new talk proposals based on the fact that your event made me realize they would be useful talks to give. I am so very, very impressed with your event. If given the opportunity and ability to come again, wild horses cannot keep me away. I … certainly never expected to say this of a tech conference!”

The Lead Developer treated all of their speakers incredibly well, which in turn put us in the best possible position to give the very best of ourselves in our talks and workshops. It was a singular experience for me, an event run so very well. If anyone reading ever has the opportunity to go to an event run by White October Events, I urge you to do so.

Speakers at The Lead Developer 2016 in London, UK. Photo by Katura Jensen.
Speakers at The Lead Developer 2016 in London, UK. Photo by Katura Jensen.

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