What Does Crystal Do?

I travel with relative frequency. In just one month, I might be found in the US, Finland, the UK, and China. In fact, that was my September last year.

In the past two years, I’ve spoken in Trinidad (T&T), Mariehamn (FI), London (UK), Manchester (UK), Dublin (Ireland), Vancouver (CAN), Beijing (PRC), Shanghai (PRC), Chengdu (PRC), Toronto (CAN), Houston (TX), Los Angeles (CA), Walnut Creek (CA), Madison (WI), Warwick (RI), Chicago (IL), Newark (NJ), Minneapolis (MN), Spokane (WA), several times in San Francisco (CA), many times in Helsinki (FI), and countless times in the Boston (MA) area.

What do I DO around the world, though? Generally, I aim to make the world a more inclusive place. There are two avenues I travel in pursuit of this goal: working on Include Better and working for the Future Affairs Administration. Include Better is a small company in the US I’ve cofounded with Riley to address impact of the kyriarchy through consulting and workshops. The Future Affairs Administration is a science fiction and fantasy company in Beijing, China which aims to increase the exchange of sci-fi between China and the rest of the world.

When I travel, I’m usually giving multiple trainings and/or consultations on inclusion and diversity, to make the travel worth the amount of jetlag I suffer for it. Occasionally, I simply attend a conference. I also sometimes visit people around the world to work on my science fiction collaborations (also with a social justice bent, naturally). Recently, I’d say about half of my travel is for sci-fi projects, and half for Include Better work. Finding a balance that sustains me is part of the work, after all — no one working on Include Better wants to burn out, including me.

I generally don’t post publicly about inclusion and diversity consulting work if the organization compensating me wants the information to be private, and obviously those are closed sessions. If I’m speaking at a public event, I’ll almost always post about it to my social media unless I worry that I or the event organizers will be overly harassed as a result. Being an intersectional feminist who works in the tech sector (although not exclusively in tech), that’s always a factor to consider.

Teaching a workshop in Beijing, China. May 2017.

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