How About That Accessibility, Huh?

Science fiction and fantasy (SFF) fandom is having a conversation about accessibility again. It could be great to have accessibility conversations right now — especially in this moment of a global pandemic that’s disabling so many people — if fandom weren’t currently stuck in echoes from a decade ago. We’re having 2013-level conversations again. Probably … More How About That Accessibility, Huh?

Two Small/Large Bits

I haven’t really been blogging since the pandemic started, but there are two things I want to make sure are on the radar of anyone who’s following this page: I edited and published a book, Recognize Fascism, in 2020. It’s a sci-fi anthology of 22 stories by authors from 9 countries around the world, published … More Two Small/Large Bits

Revisiting RESIST FASCISM (2018)

Crossed Genres has just announced that they will shutter their doors this year. This unfortunately includes the cancellation of RECOGNIZE FASCISM, the anthology we’ve been working hard on for months. Words can’t express how sad and disappointed I am over this news, as a co-editor of the anthology. I put a lot of my time and my heart into this anthology… … More Revisiting RESIST FASCISM (2018)

Why I’m Not At Arisia Anymore: My Rapist is President. Again.

Content warnings: rape, trauma, sexism, gaslighting, harassment, intimidation, stalking, and general asshattery of a group of people in general and one rapist in particular. This is really long, and I am sorry, but it is mostly depressing. I know why my rapist wins. TL;DR: After a few years of intimidation and stalking behavior that drove … More Why I’m Not At Arisia Anymore: My Rapist is President. Again.

Moderator & Panelist Tips for a More Inclusive Event

In terms of creating an inclusive event, a supportive environment in which everyone feels and (hopefully) is able to participate, there are many things that people can do to to set the tone and set everyone up for success. Here are some of my suggestions for moderators and panelists. Before the Panel If you’re the … More Moderator & Panelist Tips for a More Inclusive Event