Two Small/Large Bits

I haven’t really been blogging since the pandemic started, but there are two things I want to make sure are on the radar of anyone who’s following this page:

  1. I edited and published a book, Recognize Fascism, in 2020. It’s a sci-fi anthology of 22 stories by authors from 9 countries around the world, published by World Weaver Press. We mailed copies of it to every member of the US Congress and SCOTUS after a wildly successful Kickstarter. I’m very proud of this effort, and appreciate every comment and review we’ve gotten. We really didn’t think it was going to happen, but we made it!
  2. I’m being sued for defamation for my #MeToo Arisia blog post of 2018. You probably know the post, or it’s easy enough to find. If you are able, there’s a GoFundMe fundraiser to help with my legal fees which is being run by a friend of mine. I super appreciate all the support and assistance I’ve gotten around this issue. Dealing with it during a global pandemic has been kind of a lot.

I hope everyone is staying as healthy as you can. I don’t really know what else to say, beyond that.

Well, and I’ve grown a lot of food in my garden this year, including the tasty strawberry below.

Picture of a ripe strawberry in my left hand, held above a cement floor and some plants in the background.
I grew this strawberry (and many others). It was *delicious*.

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