Indigenous People’s Day in the USA

It is Indigenous People’s Day. Everywhere I walk today, I am on indigenous people’s lands.

If you, too, want to acknowledge the lands you’re on in North America, this map of native lands has been very helpful to me.

There’s a 2018 article about the map and its development in Popular Mechanics here.

Here are some materials on honoring native lands in a public Google Drive folder that I’ve been making use of for Passover and Truthsgiving for the past two years, doing a land acknowledgement then, as well.

If you appreciate these materials, please give to a local indigenous organization. I’ve been donating monthly to the MCNAA, personally.

In particular, I appreciate their materials on and activism concerning mascots in MA.

In the end, everything comes back to my love of science fiction, so I’ll leave you with¬†Darcie Little Badger’s website. I’ll also point you to’s list of indigenous SFF authors you should read¬†(although perhaps you should avoid the comments; some of them are rather tone-deaf).

You are on Massa-adchu-es-et, Wompanoag Lands in the Boston area. Image of a native person with two braids and a beaded necklace.
You are on Massa-adchu-es-et, Wompanoag Lands in the Boston area.

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